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  • THE BACKGROUND- Coming to America at age of 12 was a new adventure. Growing up, I didn't have a brand preference. All I needed is a pair of walking shoes and clothing for school.
(My first pair of Air Max 1 OG Red)
When Air Max 1 or 89 was first introduced, I was in grammar school. I remember seeing someone with a bright red, a little gray, and some white on their feet. They were the coolest sneakers I had ever seen. It's a memory that I'll never forget. Long story short, growing up my family never had the money to own that pair of Air Max 1 or Air Max 90 or Air Max 95. My first pair was actually a pair of Air Force Flight, high-top in White/Gray colorway, that my uncle gives me as a gift. The first-ever pair that I ever brought myself is a pair of OG Spiridon in White/Silver/Red, then brought the Air Max 97 Silver Bullet. I was hooked, a small collection started to build with Dunk SB, Tech Challenge, Griffey 1, DT 96. Diamond Turf, Air Max 2000. OG 95, 97, 98 etc....
(First pair that I sold in college)
Not until 1999, my first year in college that I started the side business of selling sneakers online. At the time, there were limited selections of sneakers as there is only a handful of sellers. I believe the first pair of sneakers that I ever sold was a pair of Nike Trainer 1 Premium in Brown Leather. Who thought that's the start of my business, from a side hustle to try to build a career in this business. We as a company now have evolved throughout these years to bring back the sneakers that bring back the childhood memory. We also serve our local community here in South Brunswick, New Jersey by donating to charity events and shoe drives for the locals.
  • THE SHOP- All our merchandise is 100% authentic. All pre-own merchandise is shown in actual photos on our site, all pre-owned shoes are cleaned and sanitized.

Customer service will be always our priority, all shoes are authenticated and checked by our specialist, which he signed his initials on the quality control card in every transaction. All orders that come in before 12 pm Mon-Fri will be ship on the same day. All domestic shipments will take about 1-3 days for the transition. And of course, all 50 states of domestic shipping is free of charge.
We buy, sell, consignments of new or pre-own 100% Authentic sneakers. We offer free pickup and free local drop-off on all sneakers.
We are here to serve you, all questions will be answered on the same day

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